Sell It On Consignment

Need an Item or items sold and do not have time or an acocunt to sell from? No Problem. We Can Sell It For You!

Our Consignment Policies:

#1 - We charge a $5 Set up fee - This covers time spent on research, taking pictures, listing the item and packing to be shipped when it sells.

#2 - We charge 30% of profit after all online fees and shipping. (IE: If the item sells on eBay for example there is a 10% fee to eBay - 3% fee to PayPal. ) Shipping charges will vary .

#3 - We hold all money for 30 days after item is received by customer to cover return policies if needed.

#4 - Consignment money is sent out normally the middle of each month taking weekend, holidays or weather event into consideration. We can write a check or send via Paypal. Note there may be a small fee on Paypal of at least 3%.

#5 - Shipping - Depending on size and weight of item we normally use USPS to ship on Priority or First Class. Larger or heavier items may be shipped via Fed Ex , UPS or other discounted services such as Pirate Ship.

#6 - Selling Time - We will attempt to sell your item on multiple platforms including but not limited to eBay, FB Marketplace, Mercuri and or Etsy. Different platforms have different fees and policies on what they will or will not sell.

- Getting the items listed - We strive to list on a daily basis ( Mon-Fri) and will have you items up with in one business week . We will send you a link to view the item listing once listed.

- How long to keep listed? We will keep your items listed for 90 days or until sold. If the item does not sell in that time we will return it or continue listing for .30 per listing / per month until it sells or you tell us you want it back.

Thank you for considering using Jeff Beeman Online to sell your item.

Jeff Beeman
Re-Seller / Blogger / Golf Enthusiast  

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