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Welcome to Jeff Beeman Online ... A Vlog / Blog for those of like mind Re-Selling on eBay and other platforms online .   

My name is Jeff Beeman  - Chief cook and bottle washer for Jeff Beeman Online.

I have been selling on eBay since 2009. Working in retail and sales for most of my career along with online marketing being a piece of the puzzle as we went.

My purpose for this blog is simply to share my experiences ...past, present and goals for the future while networking with others on a similar path.

Maybe you have tried other "Home Business Solutions"  before ? ...( IE: Online Marketing / MLM) ...and are just fed up with the whole process?

I totally get that and that is why I (and thousands of others) have moved from that style of opportunity to simply buying low and selling high on various platforms such as eBay.

The concept here is the fact that 90% of the people you interact with daily. on or off line, do not want to be business owners or entrepreneurs.

They are consumers and are geared to just buying stuff they want or need.

So do you want to fish in the pond of only 5%-10% trying to sell them on the idea of selling? ... or do you want to fish in the ocean full of buyers?


Think about it this way ... Back in the days of the gold rush the majority of people digging for gold never got rich. in fact most of them went away flat broke and had to find a job (or other means) to survive.

Some became farmers or maybe ranchers. Others found employment building up the railroads and towns and so on.

On the other hand there were folks who provided the tools and supplies to the minors. Then they also sold too the people that followed the minors (family)  that helped develop towns along the way and so forth. Who were they?  The store owners - traders - shop owners - they got along just fine ( even wealthy) because there was always a constant demand from the minors or people settling in the area.

So if you are that somebody (5% - 10%) still trying to work out a plan to make extra money and are totally fed up with the whole industry that teaches recruiting and membership selling then ...maybe following along on my journey is a plan that will work for you as well.

Hope you enjoy thee blog / vlog as I will put most of my video's here going forward.

Please take just a moment and comment on the posts so I know you stopped by for a visit! - I appreciate it!   

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay-Prenuer ...With A Golf Habit

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