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Welcome to Jeff Beeman Online ... a Blog for Affiliates, Online Marketers and maybe some other Golf Nuts like myself. :)  

My name is Jeff Beeman  - Chief cook and bottle washer for our business model.  We teach simple ways to leverage traffic and list building systems already in place on the Internet... you just have to plug into them.

I have been selling on eBay since 2009 and working in sales and marketing for over 20 + years with online marketing being a piece of the puzzle for probably 15 yrs of that.

When did Amway introduce there online option called Quixtar ...Mid to late 1990's maybe??

Yes... Since way back then! Don't judge me! LOL! 

My purpose for this blog is to provide simple, affordable daily action steps needed for home business owners to not only grow a successful home business in the Affiliate / Online Marketing world but more importantly put cash in your pocket as often and as quickly as possible!

Maybe you have tried other "Home Business Solutions"  before ? ...( IE: Biz ops / MLM) ...and are just fed up with the whole process?

I totally get that and that is why I (and thousands of others) have moved from that style of opportunity to simply building out your marketing list and promoting into Niche's via email.

Here we promote, teach and engage in reliable and simple marketing strategy ==>  Traffic - Capture Traffic (build your list) with Free or low cost offer - Follow up with prospects - Continue to promote to them via email.  This style of business has proven through out the ages to just make money. Period.

It's basic sales in today high tech world! 

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Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Affiliate Marketer With A Golf Habit

PS ...If you are wondering about the golf thing and you like to play, recreational or competitively, your welcome to check out our Free Golf Swing Test page. It actually saved my game and kept me from giving up the sport all together! ==> Free Golf Swing Test. 

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