About Us:

Welcome to Jeff Beeman Online.Com ... A Vlog / Blog for those of like mind Learning the ways of E-commerce and Re-Selling Online

My name is Jeff Beeman  - Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.
I have been selling online for several years and on eBay since 2009. I have also worked in retail and sales for most of my "career years" putting the Internet pieces of the puzzle together as we went.

My purpose for this blog is simply to share my experiences ...past, present and future goals while networking with others on a similar path.

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Maybe you have tried other "Home Business Solutions" before...
(IE: Online Marketing / MLM) ...and are just fed up with the whole process?

I totally get that and that is why I (and thousands of others) have moved from that style of opportunity to simply looking too sell  or products online via Affiliate Marketing and on eBay!

I have found products and services can be sold to the bigger crowd of "consumers" quicker and easier more so than those seeking to "start a business".

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Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Marketer With a Golf Habit!

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