Friday, June 21, 2019

Thursday Night Talk Shoe | Re-Selling on eBay

Talking about eBay and re-selling often takes us down a lot of different paths. These paths are just as important especially when talking about "Mind-Set" and creating or discovering more productive ways to do your daily grind....

This week David Smith and I had free reign on as we covered the bases of online marketing, reselling and entrepunuership! Listen in or watch here  ==> Re-Sellers Assemble  


Learn to use the tools provided to manage your time wisely. Hiring a "VA" ( Virtual Assistant) may not be in your near future but many other tools can be used now on a daily basis to help grow your business.

A great resource (eBay Management tool) I use is It allows me to quickly find items with it's library feature and we create profiles (Templates) to speed up listings at no extra charge.

Once you dive into the business of reselling we also need to start developing the business mind set => ABS ( Always Be Sourcing). If you are in a retail or networking environment then it becomes ==> ABP ( Always Be Prospecting). You never know where that next lead or great item to flip is going to come from!

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Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Re-seller / Blogger / Golf Enthuisiast

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