Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Edit Photos On eBay For Free!

Don't have any special lighting or fancy software to make your pictures POP as you list them on ebay? Here is a FREE Method I use quite often to help make my pictures jump out at potential buyers visiting my ebay stores ...
A picture says a thousand words and oh so true when re-selling items on line via platforms like eBay, Etsy, Mercari or maybe Poshmark.

Your title gets it found but your picture in many cases gets it sold!


Quick Review:

1) Simply load your pictures you will be using for that ebay listing. 2) Make adjustments to each one with the provided cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpening and auto adjust tools found under the main picture. 3) I normally just use the brightness and Contrast adjustments 4) Don't forget to save it once you complete the editing of each picture. It really is a simple as all that and saves you from making expensive purchases on the fly until you are ready for a lighting and studio kit in your business budget. I hope this content has been helpful for you and if so please take a moment to share with the social media tabs provided. Happy Selling! Jeff Beeman Re-seller / Blogger / Golf Enthusiast

PS ... If you are ready for a lighting kit to take high quality pictures for your ebay listings, you might try this ==> LIGHTING KIT for a great place to start.

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