Sunday, March 31, 2019

Offerings, Watchers and Sales!

As eBay continues to make changes to give buyers the best experience possible, one new tool has emerged that seems to also give sellers a much needed shot in the arm ...

I for one have never been made a big deal out of having "watchers" on my listings. Many times ( Or so I thought) it is just other other sellers who took an interest in what you are selling. Maybe a few buyers here and there waiting to see if the price goes down. Eh.. Thats fine.

Now however eBay has launched a new tool for sellers that #1 Actually works and #2 Helps not just the seller but also gives the buyer a great deal as well. The new send "Offers To Buyers" tool launched a few weeks ago and is starting to turn heads in the seller communities.

So the gist of this deal is simply this. If you have active watchers on you listings you can go to the following link GO HERE and 5 of your listings will be on the page. You can then choose witch of the five to send your offer too.

The only draw back on this page so far is that you are stuck with those five listings until somebody accept the offer and then a new one will slide into place. Although I have not tested it to date it is plausible that if you wait and return later a different mix of listings may pop in.

Make since?

Here is one of my latest video's discussing what we sold and has some fun bonus footage as well!


So why would you want to send offers to the watchers on your listings?

#1) Maybe your item is a little over priced and the buyer just needs a nudge?
#2) The watcher may have been interested but has forgotten to return to purchase.
#3) You have some older inventory to move
#4) It creates activity on your account and that's always good for SEO! (Search Engine Optimization)

As this new tool rolls out you may find access to it on your listings but the following link...  ==>CLICK HERE <==   will get you going in the right direction.

I hope you found this content helpful and if so please take a moment and share via the available social media tabs found on this site. Thank you.

Until next time keep on listing and happy selling!

Jeff Beeman
Reseller / Blogger / Golf Enthusiast

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