Saturday, November 24, 2018

I wasn't always an eBay Reseller ...Finding your Niche in Business!

I came online back in the late 90's, if I remember correctly. Use to think computers were just for nerds. Ha! If I only knew then what I know now and that still is just scratching the surface!

The online world offers unlimited possibilities but also unlimited rabbit holes to fall down causing many to give up on their dreams.

Learn to recognize those rabbit holes and avoid them as much as possible because eventually you will find your true calling.  Best words of advise learned many years ago... Never, Never, Never give up!

I fell into my first rabbit hole after being invited to a hotel meeting for Amway way back when. Originally just wanted to run my own car repair shop. This happened in the late 80's I think. Not knocking it as it was just the first stepping stone to where I am now...

Amway also "found" the Internet in the 90's and tried to Re-Brand them selves into Quixtar. Their version of online shopping.

After I discovered the Internet I tried several times to develop other online Network Marketing businesses but to no avail. From their eventually I was led into several other rabbit holes with online business marketing.

Finally Blogging and Affiliate Marketing caught my eye and from that I met up with one of my online mentors Chuck Bartok and some of his team including Mark Hultgren. We have had a good online friendship for several years now.

From there I also ran across another good friend and mentor Chef Katrina and the EMP family. Chef taught me a ton about online marketing and blogging through her journey.  I have started and re-started multiple Blogs and well...that was because I had not found my true passion yet.

Again, this has all been small steps leading to what I feel now is my true calling!

Somewhere back in the marketing days we discovered YouTube and other social media platforms with the most recent being Pinterest. The cool thing about this journey is that it has allowed me to learn how to work with social media and that is HUGE in today's online business world. 

Somewhere around 2004 I was introduced or discovered eBay. First item ever sold on eBay? ... A piano of all things! Figured out the local pickup options and away we went form there! Don't think I have ever used that option since! HA!

I continued to use eBay off and on but never really saw the light until a new concept came along ( new to me anyway) called Amazon Drop Shipping or retail arbitrage if you will. This had an online marketing / Affiliate component to it and unlock many other adventures it actually worked!

However this particular opportunity also faded away and I was back to chasing Online marketing rabbits down their holes. I was determined to use what is called "Passive Income Marketing" for my main business with eBay on the side. 

Now that has Flipped Flopped.

Although I continued working with eBay on and off,  I was told I needed to focus on eBay by my online mentors ( They could see it..I was stubborn)  ... I still continued to chase other options.

Then...finally..finally...the blinders came off  sometime last year (2017)!  I finally got smart and evaluated what had actually worked for me and more importantly what had made money! Selling on eBay and reselling in general had finally become my true focus.

Now we are expanding that into bigger "sourcing" opportunities like storage unit auctions...

Along with other reselling apps like FB Marketplace, Let Go and Others.  As we grow we are also building a network of re-seller and buyer relationships from our YouTube Channel and this Blog.   

I want to take a moment and just again thank everybody that have mentored, lead and friended me in this journey. It is far, far from over and I will always turn to them for business advise as I continue to grow my relationship with other successful re-sellers. ... Chuck Bartok, Mark Hutlgren, Chef Katrina. Thank You! I have been blessed to  know you all.

Jeff Beeman
Reseller with a Blog Habit

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