Thursday, July 26, 2018

Using Pinterest To Help Grow Your Resell Business on eBay

Pinterest? Why would I use Pinterest to help grow my resell business on eBay? I will get into a few stats to help answer that question in the video below but the primary reason is simply this ...
Pinterest is all about Ecommerce. They actually want it on there platform! Plus, not just any old physical products we resell but all forms of ecommerce products.  I'm talking info products via Affilaite Marketing as well as content and products from Network Marketing companies!

Seriously? Serious as a heart attack!

Watch the video below for some other cool points concerning Pinterest and I talk a bit about other platforms like FB Marketplace as well ==> 


#1) They like ecommerce!
#2) Millions of users already there
#3) Billions of pins to share and learn from
#4)  Over 50% of people using Pinterest are actually shopping / searching for an answer to a problem
#5) Business account is Free!
#6) Paid Ads Team is also free to help you with Promoted Pins!

Now the bad news (maybe) which is also mentioned in the video. I'm not an alarmist but according to other "in the know" ebay sellers, ebay itself appears to be having a tough time. Sales are up but profits are down and a lot of cut backs are taking place.. including lay offs and office closures.

That said it is just smart business not to put all your eggs in one basket. Think a little outside the box on where you can draw traffic in from and hey just saying ... Pinterest is a great place to start!   

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Jeff Beeman

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