Friday, June 8, 2018

Why We Are bidding On These Storage Units | Reselling On eBay

One of the best questions you can ask yourself when buying storage units is this, and my wife asks me this all the time, what did you see that made you bid on that unit?

We try to answer that question and more in the video below! 

Keys to a successful purchase of a Storage Unit …Things too look for:

*Bid on only what you can see
*look for clues that other items may be in the unit
*If there is space behind the items you can see good chance something more valuable back there.
*Dust and dirt are your friend - It means #1 the unit may have been there for some time ( vintage or antique items possible) and #2 you can tell if somebody has recently been in the unit possibly staging it to get higher bids. Also possible somebody took out items before the auction.

I will talk more about staging and other clues in later posts.

So - What do I see in these storage units that makes me want to buy them?

Unit #1 the appliance unit -  I don't always get excited about BIG items to move, load and haul around but the appliances look clean and very resell-able. The gamble here will be if everything is in working order.

Unit #3 the household unit - It has the obvious high end item, being the flat screen TV, right up front and center. This could be a clue it may have been staged plus a bit of the dust looks to be disturbed. The table the TV is sitting on looks nice (what we can see of it). Baseball bats - not a lot of value but the clue there is that there may be more sporting goods items we can not see . Last but not least - Home Depo Boxes are the mystery fun part of the job!

The plan of action is to win Locker #1 for less than $300 and Locker #2 for less than $150. We will let you know how it goes and try to get some better video of the "unboxing" in just a few days!

I hope this post has been helpful and if you know others getting into the storage auction business please comment and share below!

Until next time - Go Sell Something!

Jeff Beeman
Reseller with a Blog Habit!

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