Saturday, June 30, 2018

Using Good Till Cancelled Option When Reselling On eBay

Using Good Till Cancelled Option When Reselling On eBay...

I have to fess up here. I have always been against the Good Till Cancelled option over the years Re-selling on eBay.

What is the Good Till Cancelled option? 

Good Till Canceled for those that do not know is an option for how long you want your listing on eBay to stay listed for sale. You will find it under your details box in the Selling Details section.

There you will have the option to choose Fixed price, Auction or Classified Add. Under that you will choose the duration of  3 day / 5 day / 10 day / 30 day or... Good Till Cancelled.

Check out the video for my thoughts on using this feature moving forward with future listings and "re-listing".

Advantages of listing GTC  vs 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 days...

Listing shorter runs like a 3 day may not give the search engines across the WWW time to index your content. However if you have regular customers to your listings / store and you know this is an item people are looking for on eBay it can be used for a quick flip.

I have a niche item that normally sells within 24 hrs every time it's listed.

I normally prefer the 10 day listings to give seacrh engines time to index the listing and then I can change it, edit it and tweak it if it didn't sell on that option.

I have always been a non user of GTC because I was taught it will lower your search rankings ( SEO)  Search Engine Optimization. Now I have discovered  it's my new best friend!

What I have found is that if you list enough items daily / weekly and use a 10 day or 30 day setting you may miss "re-listing" them at the end of the run. ebay sellers with over 100 listings  and beyond can relate to the issues of re-listing.   What also happens is that they fall off  (completely gone after 90 days) and we have to do the work all over again including researching what we had listed and where it went!

GTC actually does "re-list" every 30 days and eBay's algorithms like the start time of a listing and the end time of a listing so essentially you are still getting some SEO help when using GTC.

I am and always will be a strong advocate of SEO - Optimize you Title, Pictures, Description area, Categories and of course Price. Remember... Titles get your listing found! Pics,  Description and then ultimately price get it sold!

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Jeff Beeman
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