Saturday, May 26, 2018

Storage Auctions - You Can't Win Them All.

When buying units at a storage auction, sometimes you just don't win one. This is how it went down for us yesterday - Friday May, 26 2018. 

We had the opportunity to go to a storage unit auction on a Friday afternoon at 5:00. I thought that would be a great time because we could lock one up and work on it over the weekend. Memorial day weekend to boot so we had 3 days!

My plans were to grab a clean locker with out a bunch of heavy furniture. I wanted stuff boxed up and ready to carry out.

First unit was BIG and loaded with everything from a washing machine to Christmas items, "What I call it is yard sale fodder"... We threw a bid in on it but didn't get real excited. It was going to be a lot of work and the quality just was not there.

Next unit was one big pile with lots of black trash bags. In other words clothes. We just burnt a pile of clothes from our last unit so that was a no go.

Next was the unit of the day! It was a smaller locker and had a lot of items stored in plastic totes. Perfect! Visible were a lot of toys and house hold items so we decided that's the it.

Bidding started at $50 ( they had a real auctioneer at this sale) and quickly got over $100. I kept us in it up to $160 but some lady wanted it worse then we did and went to $170. ...I looked at my partner and we both shook our head no... Just not worth it.

I told the lady who won the locker she must have wanted those toys more than I did and she quickly and a little sharply informed me... "I bought it for the storage tubs". "I do this all the time... ( buying lockers)... and I need more storage for inventory." "I will not keep any items in that locker." "I will pitch all of it because of the stuffed animal toys and clothing that may have bed bugs on them." "I only want the tubs."

I'm thinking OK fine. Go wright ahead and pay $170 for a handful of tubs. I'm not hear to argue with your purchase decisions. I was just opening up conversation and being friendly.

Note to self... keep an eye out for this lady at future auctions and make sure too bid her up a little each time.  HA! 

So anyway, the last locker was full of bigger furniture including a futon bed but again, we weren't really looking to buy the big stuff that day. To many weekend plans including the Indy 500, cook outs and golf to be played.  ;-)

Hey I hope you enjoyed our Storage Unit Auction play by play here on We plan on continuing to puy storage units through out the year ether online or live at the aucition.

I hope this content was also helpful in some way to anybody getting started in the business. We are happy to answer any questions concerning "Re-Selling" - Just comment below!

Until next time - Get out there and Sell Something!

Jeff Beeman
Re-Seller With  Blog Habit

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