Friday, May 4, 2018

How WePicked Up Some Extra Treasure At The Storage Unit Auction

Just as we were finishing up cleaning out our storage unit, that we won with an online auction, a young man approached us asking for help with his bigger items. Here is how this went down ...

My partner and I were about finished loading up his truck and trailer when this guy driving a Toyota Prius approached us. I mention the Toyota Prius for comic relief her in a minute or on.

He was asking if we would be interested in buying his larger items in the unit he won during the auction. Said he had a big dresser, some chairs and a bed frame so we decided to take a look.

The dresser was very nice and even had a nice mirror with it. As we deliberated over weather or not we had room left to load it let alone if we wanted to "buy" it from this guy we chatted about his storage locker experiences.

He mentioned a couple times this was only his second locker to purchase and he looks mostly for electronics. So off the bat I'm thinking if you only look for electronics how did you buy this unit with these big items in it? He legitimately acted like he did not know the dresser and so forth was in there. Maybe it was buried under other items??? It happens.

Any way, and this is the funny part about the Prius, he commented that he thought maybe he could get this dresser into the Prius. That was when he decided to ask us if we would want to purchase the bigger items from him, specifically the big dresser for $20.

Now folks this dude is a smart person. He attends college and even teaches some classes for electrical engineering. He buys electrical items not only to flip but to repair and or use for class so other students can repair them. If he hadn't mentioned trying to get the dresser into the Prius I would have been totally impressed but ... the whole Prius thing kinda made me roll my eyes and choke down my LOL!

Anyway, this was a good guy and we actually made a new connection that we can contact if we come across electronics we don't want to keep.  Keyword here is Networking!

The rest of the story....this is a NICE,BIG, HEAVY Dresser, not antique but possibly vintage. Cherry wood exterior I believe or at least that color. I need to research it a bit more. after a little negotiating he really, really wanted to not deal with the bigger items so we offered $10 and he was delighted to accept.

He also was very helpful in loading the items as he participates in "Strong Man" competitions.

So all in all a good experience with a little comic relief and although I have no idea what all was in his unit, I feel we may do better than he will as this dresser will go for good money.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Re-Seller With a Blog Habit

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