Monday, April 2, 2018

Dealing With A Spring Snow Storm | Reselling on eBay

April 1st in the Hoosier Heartland and No Joke It Snowed! So I was finishing up a busy day with family and Easter plans by working on the numbers for March and when I looked up was snowing.

Join me in the winter wonderland - Click Play.

All in all a good month selling on eBay and looking forward to talking to my selling buddy about flea markets and storage auctions.

We have the work load figured out as my partner has a truck and trailer for hauling off the goodies and trash.  However we may need to work on the actual storage of said goodies. He talked abut buying a storage shed and of course we need to talk about the possibility of renting our own unit to hold the loot.

What may even be a bigger but exciting project is get to use some land he has available to start a summer Flea Market. We would still need a good platform to continue selling through the off season but having a Flea Market to move large auction purchases would be ideal!

So as discussed in the video sales are starting flow in April and March ended on a good note...except for the snow.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
A Re-Seller with a Golf Habit

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