Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How To Find More Keywords For Your eBay Listing

How to Find More Keywords For Your eBay Listings.

This is arguably the single most important piece of your selling puzzle. Using the keywords that people are searching for and in the right context for your listing.

Where do we find all the possible keywords we need to make our listing so bright and shiny that it can not be overlooked? ... Let's go to the video!

The 3 places you can look for more keywords?  Start with eBay itself!

#1) eBay - Type in your basic title to the eBay Search and then look below the field to see what other words are related. These are words people have actually used to search with!

BONUS - You also need to look at other current listings of your items and especially the sold listings as they may have "key" key words that helped get that item sold that you forgot to put into your title!

#2 - eBay Title Builder ... Simple to use and FREE!  Pop in the first 3-4 words of your listing and then look down the left side bar for the most searched words for that item.

#3) Google - Pop in your basic title and when the first page coes up scroll down to the bottom. Again you will find related searches. ... and again these are words and long tail keywords that people are searching with!

Now. How important are Keywords? Casey the "Rockstar Flipper" is a full time seller and does not like "HYPE" ... even he agrees you need to learn more about keywords!

I made a very similar Video as well and have over 6,000 views!


Did the video's pretty much say the same thing? I didn't know Casey even had his video until I started doing this blog post and ran across it. I wasn't even sure how he felt about the topic but ... now we know!

No, this is not a contest between Casey and myself for YouTube viewers. It's just an advanced tip that we both recognized sellers want and need to know.  

Remember - We are not selling just items on eBay. We are actually selling "Keywords"!

Happy Keyword Hunting and Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay Re-Seller W/ A Golf Habit

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