Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How To Edit Your eBay Listing For Return Shipping Policies

How To Edit eBay Listings For Return Shipping Policies.
Many times the topic of returns from eBay sales becomes a hot topic of conversation...

Most will tell you accepting returns is part of doing business on eBay and others will say they do not need to offer a return.

We do know that offering returns will help eBay grant you the title of Top Rated Seller however it is not mandatory.

Also we know that if a buyer claims "Item Not As Described" and eBay agrees (which they normally do) you are going to be forced to accept the return and possibly even have to pay the return shipping.

Fair or not it's eBay's platform and eBay's rules.

Now - If you currently do not offer a return or maybe have mixed listings? Maybe some with and some with out? ... or some with 14 day and some with 30 day returns?... and you decide you want them to all be congruent...the following video will help you mass edit for that result.

In review here are the simple steps:

1) Set your listings to see up to 200 per page
2) Click the box that checks all your listings being shown
3) Click Edit Box - Choose Edit Selected
4) Check box all your items again
5) Click Edit Fields
6) Click Return Policy
7) Select the days you want for returns
8) Save and close.
Weather you choose to allow returns or not depends on your business model but as long as we are offering quality products via quality listings then returns will always be a minimal inconvenience. I hope this content has been helpful and you are welcome share it with the social media tabs provided. Now go sell something!

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