Monday, May 8, 2017

MLM Vs Online Markreting

One of if not the biggest downfall to Multi Level Marketing is simply this...

Not Plugging Into the System as it was designed to sell the actual product they offer!

What normally happens is this. People get all wrapped up in the recruiting side of an MLM Company and the idea that you need product sales to actually keep things legal and legit ...kinda gets brushed aside.

The Fix? ... Auto-ship!

Yes the ever popular auto-ship programs makes your business appear to have product moving through it and with the occasional sale to a family member of friend you are good to go...just keep showing the plan. Your members become your customers.

Whooops! ... In the words of the famous Willy Wonka ..."Strike That! Reverse It! 

Let's re-evaluate that statement ... "Your membership becomes your best customers?"

What we should always be thinking is this - "Your Customers Become Your Best Team Members!"

Now before you get all stressed out... I'm not beating up on the MLM Industry. Some of my best online friends operate a business with an MLM platform. Thousands of people have been and still continue to be very successful with an MLM style business.

The point here is when you "STP" make sure to do it in the right order ... #1) Sell The Product - #2) Show The Plan and then you will be able to -  #3) Stuff The Pockets!

OK so I'm done beating up on the MLM fans let's look at the Online Marketing folks as well.

Not a lot of difference ...most if it is all "Join my program and make X amount of dollar$ in just a few weeks or days!   Oh Joy!  ... I'm Rich!

Look - My business model ( Elite Marketing Pro) is a platform designed to help people in the MLM / Direct sales industry develop online traffic and leads for there preferred business. The life blood of any business.

Yes we have an exceptional pay plan with a superior system to teach learn and earn... But... I do not make a big deal out of the memberships.

I'm looking to solve the problem of generating leads for business owners!

You already have a platform to make money from so I want to sell the "product" EMP offers that helps you grow that business model....Not take you away from it.

AND... Just like the MLM business model many of our "customers" tend to become full fledged members of EMP.

It all fits together very well and this team approach can lead  to another successful line of income.    

[Side note - We do focus efforts on MLM business owners, as they are plentiful, and most are not taught the methods we use for successful online marketing. We also help people in direct sales, Ecommerce and even traditional brick and mortar business owners.]

With all that said we do need to address the problems of people not having enough money..or having jobs / careers that they would rather find something to replace it with. Yes, the MLM / Direct Sales platforms can provide that solution... however most people are defensive and a tough sale to "recruiting efforts".

 However, when we take the time to learn the features and benefits of our the right prospects and present a solution to the obvious pain...sales can happen virtually on auto-pilot.

When people see you having success selling your "wares" they will ask "how you do it". Then you can open the conversation about them also investing in your company for discounts on the product or possibly building a customer base as well.

KISS - Keep It Simple and Succeed!  

Jeff Beeman
Marketing Enthusiast With A Golf Habit.

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