Monday, May 1, 2017

How To Tell The Difference Between A Prospect And A Lead In Your Home Business

I do not want anyone to get hung up on it but learning some terminology that applies to the development of your home business can help you lay out a better game plan for your goals.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Prospect And A Lead In Your Home Business

One of the biggest mistakes newbies to the world of marketing a home business can make is focusing on the end result - the sale.

We actually need to be more focused on the front part of a sales system... "the Prospecting". This is the "traffic" that drives your online business.

No traffic =  No Prospects and No Prospects  = No Leads and No sales...Period.

What is a prospect? A prospect is somebody who we feel fits our search criteria or demographic for our home business.

*If you sell fishing supplies it's the guy you see down by the river every weekend with a line in the water.

*If you sell lawn and garden it's the folks perusing that section of the local hardware store.

*If you sell online marketing tools it's the folks hanging out in all the Facebook groups spamming the page grasping in desperation for new business!

The problem with most people selling a product or service is they want to immediately present the solution and they do not know if the "prospect"even has a problem to be given a solution too!

You find that out by asking open ended questions. Drilling down a bit to see if they have a pain....(IE: How do you feel about that?)

Once they divulge the pain then you can offer a solution to the pain and if they are interested enough to at least look at the material ... then they officially become a lead.

In the online marketing world I would call that opting into our email list allowing them to see the solutions we offer.

They are on my list and I have access to them daily. They continue to be my lead until the day they decide to opt out.

Does that make since?  

The point of all this is to help people building a business understand it's really all about the prospecting you do on a daily basis.

Prospecting for online marketing is "traffic" ... how much traffic are you driving to your material every day.

That is the "stat" you need to be tracking and studying everyday.

That is how you determine when to scale up your prospecting efforts. When you find the right mix of info ( advertisement) and see the traffic increase to your offers then you can invest a bit more to further increase that traffic.

Scaling up is a whole other blog post but in a nut shell you make a the end of the week or month you use the excess ( what's left after bills are paid) to reinvest into more traffic.

[NOTE: If you are promoting your butt off in various groups and getting very little results it's because you are not getting enough "views" to the message. Once posted you may get seen by just 2- 4 prospects depending on the group. However if you admin your on group and have maybe 20 new members a day joining and you have a pinned post then your ad gets seen 20 times a day or 140 times a week and or 600 times a month! Multiply that by 5 groups and now we are talking some serious prospecting opportunities!

==> Learn More About Getting Traffic and Leads Form Facebook Groups Here.

In a nutshell if you want to make more money...Prospect more people.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Marketing Enthusiast With a Golf Habit


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