Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How To Put Active Links On Your Blog Post

Putting active links into a blog post or content is very simple to do but...I have been talking to a few people recently who have never been shown how to do it... Soooo... Let's Go Learn Something.

How To Put Active Links on Your Blog Post! 

Step 1  - Write your content and in that content if you feel there is a need to include a link to other important information do the following ==> Watch Video! 

Step 2  - Highlight the words you want to turn into an active link. ... Like this! 
Step 3 - In your blog editor clink the "link" button

Step 4 - Paste in the link

Step 5 - Save your work. 

We use hyper links or active links so that you can direct people to other information you need them to see. Information that you do not have to create. It's done for you just send the traffic to it.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Marketing Enthusiast With A Golf Habit


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