Sunday, April 30, 2017

How To Use Clickbank for Niche Affiliate Marketing

First lesson is simply this - Don't let all the techy stuff get in the way of your marketing. You do not have to write fancy sales pages, create web sites or be a coder to make Online Niche Affiliate Marketing work for you. 

Just take a few deep breaths and learn how to leverage the platforms, products and systems already in place.

Question  - Do you need to sign up to some big company to have all the gadgets and gizmo's they offer?

Answer - NO

I run my niche affiliate marketing business on the bare necessities and get along just fine for like $50 a month in over head. Just depends on if I am running any paid advertising or not.

How do I do it?

Again we learn to leverage the platforms already in place.

Blogging  -  I use Blogger ( obviously) as it is Free and I can do most everything with it I need too for basic marketing. You are here reading this aren't you?

Product Resources - Clickbank, JVZoo and EMP ( Elite Marketing Pro)

All can be used for FREE by the way and other than EMP each have multiple categories for you to sell from ... Computers, Business, Food, Home and Garden, Sports and many more!

So...What is a simple, non confusing way to use Blogging and Clickbank together for your niche afilliate marketing business?

Let's break it down...

#1) - Pick a Niche

#2) - Set up your Blogger Blog to talk about that Niche

#3) - Write a blog post or do a video about that Niche - Post it on your blog

#4)  - Within the blog posts direct your readers( traffic) to a product for that niche that may solve a problem or enhance the subject being talked about in your post.

#5)  - You can also add advertising on the sidebars and or other spaces with in your blog theme.

#6)  -  Drive Traffic To Your Blog post

#7)  - Use Social Media to drive the traffic - Post your Blog post with a quick snap shot of it and link it to you blog! 

#8) Do this consistently 3-5 times a week! You pick what's right for you on how much and for how many days.


Biggest reason is that a blog helps to start branding your business. It gives you a "Home Base" to work from.

Second -  A lot of social media platforms are not real enthusiastic about affiliate links so if you do the selling or lead generation on your blog you have a lot less risk involved of people not being able to see what you are promoting.

Think of it this way - You are the expert giving solid content on "How To" do this or that. You don't have time to worry about creating landing pages sales pages and all that ... so basically you are outsourcing that to the folks who are writing up all that material. This way they make a buck and you make a buck. .. Win/Win!

Oh, and another major benefit especially if you are selling membership programs, is that you are not chasing friends and family. You are just sharing material on social media and if somebody happens to like it and wants more info ...then you are not chasing them. They are chasing you!

Gotta run - If you are interested in learning more about Clickbank and how to leverage this platform go ahead and check out the following link ==> GO HERE NEXT  and I will catch you again on my next post!

Jeff Beeman
Marketing Enthusiast With A Golf Habit

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