Thursday, February 2, 2017

How To Use Google Key Word Planner For eBay

How To Use Google Key Word Planner For eBay When Listing Your Item!

There are 3 key areas in listing your items on eBay or other platforms that will make or break your positioning in the eBay searches.

In short this is called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

You are optimizing your chances for your listing to be found by a customer typing in key words into the eBay or even Google, Yahoo and Bing Search bars!

The #1 Spot to get right is your Titles!


The key here is to use as many of the characters allowed as you an in your titles ...With out unnecessary verbiage.

I have found making sure to say exactly what the item is ....

IE: Coffee Mug Darth Vader Star Wars Trilogy Death Star Tie Fighter

works a lot better than...

IE: Large White Star Wars Darth Vader Coffee Mug


You want to make sure you tell what it is and then fill in the extra descriptive keywords around it.

This helps the search engine identify the primary category it is in and then the descriptive keywords drill it down to the  page of listings that are most relevant.

Now of course many other factors go into getting your eBay listing on page one .. Your descriptions, Pictures, Pricing, Feedback Scores and more.

BUT ...

The titles are a key factor and when done correctly even if you are priced higher than other sellers you can be found outside of the primary category making your item stand out among similar items.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay-Preneur with a Golf Habit

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