Friday, February 17, 2017

How To Brand Your eBay Business

How To Brand Your eBay Business and Market To Your Niche ...

NOTE - Sorry about the bumpy Video!

Links To Help Brand Your Business Include ...
Domain Services at 1&1
Free Video Script Formula
Free How To Create a Blog Post

Features to branding you eBay business would include owning your own URL - IE:  JBNET GOLF N

Having a dedicated Youtube channel

Having your own ecommerce site or blog

Having your business page set up on Facebook. 

All of my "features" are now under one name for branding purposes. 

Benefit to all of this extra work on your part is you are now viewed more so as a legit / professional business owner letting potential clients and customers feel more comfortable doing business with you. 

Once you start sharing your content across these platforms  - Video, Blog, eBay Store and Social Media you become easier to find and start showing up in various search engines for information in your niche! ...and that helps create MORE traffic.  

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay- Prenuer With A Golf Habit

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