Monday, February 27, 2017

How I Quit Online Marketing and Still Make Money Online!

How I Quit Online Marketing and Still Make Money Online ...I even cancelled my Aweber account!

Huh ? What?  Are you nuts?

I 'm sure a lot of people reading this may think I've gone off the deep end and maybe rightfully so but... I found my "Niche" I found my path to my version of success and it does not include doing everything all the big "GURU"s are doing...Maybe some things but not everything.

Quick back ground - I have been trying to market online now for well over 15 years. Go all the way back to Amway when they switched to Quixtar!  Ya.. That long.  Most of you will not remember that train wreck but it's out there.

So what's the problem -  Here are the walls I continue to run into and I know most everybody out there do as well. Some push through (congrats!) Most do not... (welcome to my world).

Time and Money.

Time - We all have the same 24 hours in a day and one of the first things you have to be able to do is commit to the hours you need to learn marketing and grow your business.

Money - If you want to push you business forward you will need to invest money into it. The reason we get started in a business in the first place is to make more money. However if you do not have the money or the resources to get the are at a disadvantage from the get go, IE ....

*You have to buy courses to learn this stuff... period.  ( I did off and on over the years)

*You have to have money to buy software or tools to get more out of your time. ( I have and still do when it makes since to do so)

* You need money to advertise your business because do not have enough time in the day if you are working full time, raising a family  and have other commitments to contact enough people day in and day out to grow your business effectively.


They are not lazy (most of them) ... it's just the overwhelm and frustration will wear you down and other opportunities come along ... or paying the bills and feeding the family just have to be priority #1 and that's that.

So what am I doing different that you may be able to use to help grow your online marketing business?

I went back to some basics. I am using some verbiage learned from my Amway days. I am leveraging the tools already in place on the internet, the one's that do not cost me a dime... or at least a lot less than many of the programs / tools available out there today.

I'm not being cheap! I have invested" money over the years.... A lot fo money actually.

Amway - went to a couple conventions, bought tapes and books and so forth

Blog training - Bought a $300 course

eBay - Bought into another $300 Course

Blog / Web sites - Paid monthly fees and purchased plug ins

Business Memberships - Can't even begin to count up the money invested monthly on those.

Social Media  - Purchased a few tools and apps to help build the list and save time.  

...and so on and so on just like most people are doing today

SO YES ...those investments have given some return and helped to teach me along too have the knowledge I have today! ...but I still was not making any money.

Now I am working on streamlining my business efforts to money making activities instead of just investing and or investing for the sake of investing into the next new training or program that comes out each week... (shiny object)

Here is the RUB,..all the big guru's really do not teach what I am doing because they want you to buy there products and teaching material....they want you dependent on them.

Well why wouldn't they? ... That's why they got into business also. Right? Sure it is!

What  I have figured out for myself, some will agree and some will disagree and that's fine, is that I can LEVERAGE all the FREE platforms out there and let the GURU's do the work for me so that I can still make money online and not take up extra time learning how to do all the following...

All I need to do is send some traffic.

I do not need to write emails emails every day
I do not need to build landing pages every day
I do not need to build sale funnels everyday
I do not need to develop lead generation products everyday
I d not need to do video's everyday
I do not need to write blog posts everyday

I just need to send the traffic to the folks who do and let those funnels  / systems do the heavy lifting for me!! 

Make since?

Have I developed some crazy product to teach how to do this?


Have I bought into some guru's program that teaches how to do this and I am sending you to it?

NOPE Again!

Then how are you making any money Jeff?


I sell physical and affiliate products from already existing platforms like ...


..and a couple other E-commerce sites I am starting to work with like Bonanza

I invest my money into physical product ether buying it myself up front and shipping it once a customer purchases or I drop ship it once a customer purchases.

I also then do a little teaching and sharing on Video's / Blog Post and with in Social Media groups where those seeking answers will see other "Affiliate Products" are available.

These affiliate products all have landing pages (well most)  for passive list building  (on there nickle not mine) and ultimately purchases are made that just randomly show up in my accounts. ... normally Click-Bank or JVZOO.

It all came down to this - I like doing a video or a blog posts on occasion, like this one ...and I understand the importance of consistency in building up the SEO and a Following.


There is only so much time in the day and so much money in the budget to run programs that take time to build before you start getting a return on your investment.

Soooooo.... I am more interested in "Quick Turnaround" and that means finding platforms to sell from that get the product sold quicker building up some "cash" to work with but still leaving you room for passive income down the road as you grow.

Make since?

PLUS  - I want to be on the golf course this summer and not in front of a computer screen stressing over an email,  daily blog post or video to keep my ranking up hoping that one post might just be the sale I needed that day...I simply prefer to let the Guru's do that work for me!


Just wanted to say thank you to my mentors and friends over the years ... Chuck Bartok, Chef Katrina and many others for working with me, following me or being on my email list.

I am still around actively working and growing but am no longer doing most of all that is involved in Online Marketing as most come to know it.

I am busy listing and selling products, making the occasional video and yes even writing the occasional blog post but on a different path than what we have been on in the past.

Anybody reading this and wanting to follow a similar path please comment below and we will chat. My sharing of knowledge is always FREE but certain tools and training I recommend still may have a investment attached to them.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay-Preneur ... with a Golf habit

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  1. Jeff, I would love to know more. I have recently thought of just doing affiliate marketing since my job demands so much of my time right now and more then the normal 40 hours per week.

    Deb Smith

    1. You give up the whole idea of building your own list but yes...affiliate marketing can save you a lot of time and energy plus make yo a few bucks along the way. :)

  2. Great Post Jeff.
    And so true.
    Real success on-line is based on continually driving eager, buying traffic to YOUR site and offer them quality products over which YOU may have some control over

  3. Yes and No Chuck... Driving eager buying traffic YES ... but to sites that may not be my own. I simply do not have the desire to build out my own sites my own funnels, landing pages and email follow ups. I am focused on leveraging my time by sending people to the sites that already have all that stuff done for me.

    Am I giving up a preciouse resources which would be my email list. Yes - but in return for what I preceive as more precious. My peace of mind and less stress over the dialy grind. Somebody else already did the grinding. I'm focused on just giving directions on how to find them. ... IE: What's that? You need a good practice tip for chipping and pitching around the green? Here .. go check this guy out.. He explains it so simply even I saved a few strokes last week and I have a terrible short game!!

    Make Since?