Monday, January 23, 2017

Back To Selling Basics On eBay!

Back to selling basics on eBay with Niche Accessories. 

I have "re-started" my eBay selling activities and am focusing on a couple of my favorite catagorie that I know have sold well for me in the past. 

What I try to do along with selling the main product of the Niche is make sure to also look for the accessories to that Niche. 

I have not been big into selling clothes. In fact I purposely stayed away from it, just wasn't my thing. My primary niche is sports or golf ... so I started thinking about clothes like golf shirts and of course golf hats.  Love the hats! 

So wouldn't you know it the very first nice Golf shirt I listed..sold! and the darn thing sold in less than 24 hrs!  Cha-Ching! 

Another favorite Category I keep an eye out for is in the electronics Niche and the "Sub" Niche to that is CB Radios.

I have sold on consignment, some very nice CB Radios so now I keep an eye out for good deals along with the accessories like microphones, speakers and mounting brackets. 

So we are off and running. I hope this video gives you a couple ideas for Niche accessories if you are also getting back to selling basics on eBay.

Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
eBay- Preneur with  Golf Habit!  

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