Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Edit Your Categories In your eBay Store

How to Edit Catagories on eBay and find your Manage My eBay store page.

I went back and did a google search for this information and found it to be outdated because eBay has made a lot of changes to there pages, tabs ad drop downs.

I figured if I had trouble finding it you may have also had trouble locating your My Ebay Store Page so you could edit your ebay categories.

Here it is in a nut shell ...

eBay -->

eBay Selling -->
Overview -->
Scroll down too selling tools -->
Click manage store -->
Left Hand Side - Edit Categories! 

Once inside you can now edit your eBay store categories and update your category keywords

Using store categories and using the key word tools inside of the categories helps with you SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) for your listings.

I highly recommend using categories inside your eBay store if you are a store owner because with all the competition out there we need every little advantage we can get.

I feel very confident saying that the majority of eBay sellers do not know or take the time to use this information!

Have a great sourcing / listing / selling day and if you found this information useful please share with the social media tabs provided below.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay - Preneur with a Golf Habit

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